Art and Balance


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This blue version of "Flow" is one that would need to be ordered as a commission piece. Yours will be similar to this, but each is unique in the pattern, coloring, and small treasures. Maybe you have some favorites of your own to add to the collection.

Imagine the feeling of a cooling walk through shallow water. The swirling patterns, as you look down, are mesmerizing. That sense of movement is achieved by sandblasting the surface of the art panel into wave-like patterns. A rhythmically curvy channel is also cut into the panel. Later this is filled with rounded black, gray, and white stones, and large pieces of organically shaped, tumbled, blue and clear glass. The best part of a wade through the water is coming upon unique found objects. Here you might find fossils, amethyst, or quartz crystals, as well as the stones.

Typically it hangs as a horizontal, though it can be wired to hang vertically.  Framed with a museum quality, anti-glare plexiglass which, in most settings, disappears.

Easy to hang, only 25 pounds.

73 inches x 18 inches X 3 inches.