Celebrating curiosity and wonder

Obviously, you're a curious one! (because, here you are!)
That’s something wonderful that we have in common!

We imagine we also share your sense of wonder...
an appreciation that the extraordinary can sometimes be found hidden amidst the most ordinary.

And of course, we share your delight in discoveries chanced upon in nature.

(Our daughter...curiosity and wonder run in our family...as we're sure they do in yours)

Our guess is that you also have an appreciation for environments that nourish your spirit.

That’s certainly what has inspired our artwork here.The textures found in our mixed media, the colors, patterns, and details are all there, initially, to engage our own imaginations and, later, to invite your happy exploration.

Our desire is to have our artwork be of good service: the balance of deep peace and the delight of unexpected discovery.

We think of each as an invitation, to us all, to quiet our minds, awaken our hearts, and feed our souls.            

Thank you for being here with us, supporting the aspirations of a small (really small) fine art studio.This is our family business. It's who we have always been. It's what teases us to get up early and then tricks us into staying up too late! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your experience. Despite the trials of 2020, curiosity and a sense of wonder are available still... contributing richly to our wholeness, our wellness, and our happiness.
Having you share that with us means everything.

Thank you...for being...exactly who you are...

a kindred spirit.


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It means a lot to us to be able to stay connected with kindred spirits.
Thank you.