Our Art

Using simplicity and balance, these Zen-like compositions create peaceful places for the viewer to connect with tactile, natural, found objects … and with themselves. As a ceramicist and painter, I have been inspired by the weathering effect of wind and water upon land. This has led to our construction of 3 inch deep panels, coated with cement, to mimic the texture of sand and stone. Niches, crevices, and channels have been sandblasted into many of these panels to give the viewer the sense of finding and exploring a hidden place in nature, with light and shadow on objects nestled within. 



All are vignettes of sorts, minimal scenes focusing on one moment, portraits of just a few objects. The objects include old glass vases and bowls that we break and then tumble to create curved, and rounded edged shards. The vintage glass pieces, which catch the light and often glow with rich colors, lay in contrast to ancient weather worn stones. The combination heightens a sense of balance: yin and yang, light and dark, fragile and strong. 


Stacked stones, known as cairns, are a recurring theme in our mixed media pieces. For us, the cairns are offered as symbols to encourage personal peace and to pay homage nature’s simple beauty.

Since ancient times, these stacks, from the very small and simple, to very large monuments, have served as markers for places in time, either along paths to guide travelers on their journey, as tributes to a memorable event, or more recently as simple celebrations of balance and self-expression. Our hope is that these cairns can help you mark a special time and place in your life or to celebrate someone you love.

We invite you to linger in simple environments that nourish your soul,
wherever that may be.
                                  You are always welcome here. 

                                                                 -David Gilbertsen and Joy Wallace