Gift Card FAQS

How do I get the gift card?

When you purchase a gift card, you’ll need to give us your own email address.
You'll receive a unique code in your email, after completing your purchase at checkout. This code is for you to share with the recipient of your gift.


What does the gift card look like?

The code that your receive in the email is "the gift." That is what you'll be giving to your special someone, who will then use the code at checkout after selecting artwork. But we'd like you to have something more to present. So we designed a note card for you to include that will tell a bit about the artwork.

We’ll use your email to send a separate attachment of this note card. It describes the symbolism of the stacked stones, the cairns. We'd like to think that it enhances the special meaning of your gift, with a place inside for you to add your good wishes.



Our website address is on the back so that the recipient can easily find

The blank space above the web address is where you might want to write the code (from that initial email that you get after checkout) so that everything that your special person needs is in one place.

The note card is formatted to print on one side of one sheet of paper with any home printer. Printing instructions will be in the second email that is sent...the one that has the note card attachment included.


I've received a gift card. How do I use it?

If you were given an Art and Balance gift card you would have received a unique code from the person who gifted you. Go to the website, choose a piece that is just perfect for you, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. There is no place in the cart itself where this code can be entered. No worries. You’ll enter your code (it is not case sensitive) at the end of the checkout, on the payment page.


I received a gift card for one. Can I buy more?

Absolutely! For instance, if you were give a gift card for one framed piece from our 7x7” collection ($89.00 value), but decide that you really need three to make a set, put all three into the cart, proceed to checkout, and add the gift card code on the last payment page. One will be credited ($89.00) and you will see a balance due for only the two additional pieces. All three will be sent together.


I received a very generous gift card. Do I need to use it all at once?

If you received a card with a value greater than what you’ve chosen, you may use your code again at a later time. Your balance remaining will have been saved for you as long as you save your code. The code is the kind of thing you might want to keep on a photo in your phone, in case you are browsing on your phone and see another that you really love, you'll have the code handy.

Any more questions, please feel free to email us at: