Choosing for Yourself

Choosing for Yourself...                                                                       

“That’s it! It’s perfect!” Sometimes, you just know when you see it. Decisions really can be that easy.

But sometimes you may be thinking, “I love them all!”

If we were at an outdoor festival, we’d be there to help. We’d rearrange the wall so that you could see your favorites all together and narrow down your choices. If you envisioned a grouping, we’d be there to create different configurations of your favorites. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing one for the middle and then trying out different pieces as the “bookends” for a set of three.

We’ve not found a way on the website to give you a virtual wall on which to “hang your favorites” as you decide, but there is a way you can get close to that experience. As you find a favorite, photograph it with your phone. Then, you can enjoy swiping through, back and forth, from one to another, until you are sure. Then, with photo in hand, you can scroll through the web site collection pages until you find your match and order from there.

I remember a patron at one of the outdoor festivals who had narrowed her choices down, and still found it challenging to decide. She finally started laughing and said, “They are all wonderful. I don’t need to over-think! Anything I choose will be wonderful!” And with that; she chose!

She was right.

You likely responded to our artwork with a feeling.

Trust that feeling. Enjoy the journey. There's no wrong choice, only different ones.