Our Studio

 Welcome to our Studio!

Remember that shoe box you had under your bed as a kid, filled with the treasures from your pockets after a long walk? It was so much fun to find just the right one. And when you saw it, it was like meeting an old friend. Somehow you just knew it had been waiting just for you.

And remember how you loved looking at them again and again, even years later? Well, that's kind of the feeling we want to share with you in our artwork.

Instead of a shoe box, we have an entire studio brimming with all things natural, each with it's own unique beauty. There are shelves of large rocks, drawers of tiny stones, fossils, and old glass vases bought at resale shops across the country that are broken and tumbled to be used as elements in our artwork.


We even collect sticks from tree clippings that the wild rabbits have nibbled on through the winter. The twigs themselves have twists and turns of such grace. The delicate nibble marks make these all the better to use in our art!

Holding a rock is, for us, a deeply calming experience. It's a feeling of being connected through time and space with all that has come before. It's an appreciation for the simply beauty and uniqueness of each and every one.

As we choose and combine the stones, we can't help but think about all that occurred to finally bring these pieces together and how it's about finding just the right one to coexist with this other one. You'd laugh if you watched how many stones are tried and set aside because they didn't feel just right with the others in a particular group. We feel that way about the tumbled glass as well. It was someone's grandmother's punch bowl. How many holidays did it celebrate before ending up on the resale shelf? Or how many backyard bouquets did the pretty cracked vase once hold? And now, to have been appreciated again and become an important part of a work of art, something to be looked at by fresh eyes, excitedly remarked about and enjoyed...what a thrill! We give our very best to everything we do. How could we not honor the long journey of all of these treasures? We have a feeling you feel the same.
                                          Let's keep in touch,
                                                        -David and Joy