Art and Balance


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This piece is sold, but another similar one could be commissioned. Contact us and we can talk about it. The feeling is modern and minimal, but warmly organic, perfect for a home or office. Can be easily hung horizontally or vertically.

An arrangement of carefully selected and sized to create a pattern of black, gray, and black stones set in a recessed, carved rectangle.  The pillar itself is painted a graduated gray with highlights of the top edges of the deep texture.

Framed in a contemporary black floater frame which leaves a gap between the inside edge of the frame and outside edge of the art so that visually you feel the pillar as a 3D object itself.

Looks stone-like and heavy but weighs only 12 pounds, easily hung on a standard three nail picture hook.

61.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide x 3-4 inches deep.