Art and Balance


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This particular piece is sold, but it is an example of the very 3 dimensional, stage-like feeling of this collection, and the type of piece you could commission.

These found objects appear to be balanced and free standing, in front of and separate from the painted backdrop. You can't help but be curious, like peering into a diorama and discovering something unexpected! As you move and shift your point of view, the found objects change their relationship to one another. From an angle, you can see around the objects and can more completely explore their environment. Most of all, you're invited to just enjoy these ancient beings.

Because these offer such an emotional connection, and such a tangible sense of place, they tend to find their perfect homes rather quickly! You'll often see that none currently available ... but ... commissions are welcome!

You choose the colors, elements, and the mood. With FaceTime, we can easily create your unique piece together. It's really fun. Just email us from our Get in Touch menu tab and we'll get back to you. We'll be eager to hear your thoughts on this. If you simply want to be notified when a new one of these is added to the collection, please ask to be added to that special contact list.